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Of all the places I had to pick for my all expenses paid work free trip, I chose Belarus.

It could have been Italy, or France, or Germany or any other place that didn’t snow so much and have more greenery. But I chose Belarus. Why you ask? Well the story dates back to when I was a first year college student. The time when I met HER.

Alfred held my arms behind my back, effectively stopping my constant struggling to get away from his grip. “Don’t move too much, dude!” The more I thought I could get away from Alfred, the more his arms tightened around me.

“Get your grubby hands away from my phone, Ivan. I-I’m warning you.” I kicked forward but Ivan was too far away for me to hit him.

Ivan grinned, a safe distance from me. “Such empty threats coming from your mouth, (Name).” He held my phone up in the air and examined my phone’s screen. “We’re doing you a very nice favor of telling your confession for you. I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear it!” No amount of begging would ensure me that Ivan would keep the secret to himself.

I shouldn’t have let my words slip, now both Ivan and Alfred know about my crush on the P.E teacher.

“It’s okay dude, Ms. Hedevary is a smoking hot teacher,” Alfred said from behind me. I wanted to punch him in the gut, some roommate he is, using my secret against me.

“B-but she’s a teacher!” I hadn’t given up on escaping. But damn, they weren’t kidding when they said that Alfred was strong. He kept me still and hadn’t broken a sweat. “Please don’t tell anyone, I-I’ll do anything. I’ll even kiss your boots or wash your scarf for you!”


“Yes, anything!” Let’s just hope that it won’t include me doing something I might regret.

“Well then, Alfred, looks like we got our man,” Ivan beamed.

Ivan could have made me do anything, but of all the things I had to do, distracting Natalya Arlovksaya was not what I expected.

Apparently Alfred and Ivan were working on a project for science class for some reason and Natalya, Ivan’s sister kept on barging in on them, lessening their progress. Everyone knew Natalya was possessive of Ivan. So it was up to me to keep her away, just until they finished the project.

And that’s the reason I’m standing in front of a movie theatre lobby waiting for my “date” to come.

“You are not my brother.”

I looked up from my watch to see Natalya, only to be slightly surprised.

Natalya was always famed for wearing dresses in whatever weather or time of the day it was. This time wasn’t an exception at all.

She wore a navy blue dress with the skirt reaching just below her knees. Her hair was done in a neat bun and tied with a ribbon the same shades as her dress. Her legs were hidden by black tights and knee high boots.

“He told me he would show up but instead he told me to look for you.” She clicked her tongue and shrugged. “What a shame.” She was about to leave but I stopped her by grabbing her wrist.

“Hold on!”

She threw me a cold, indefinable glare with her deep blue eyes. She said nothing but her small snarl sent me the message that he wanted to be let go.

“Don’t forget, if we see her in our dorm, we’re telling Ms. Hedevary.” Alfred’s annoyingly snarky voice kept being repeated in my mind. I had to move. “Uh, Ivan said that he had things to finish with his project so he couldn’t come.” Natalya’s glare did more than just interrupt me, in the back of my mind, my bladder was telling me it was about to explode.

Natalya whips around with a word, leaving the theatre. I acted fast and grabbed at her arm. Her reaction was instantaneous: hostile. You are going to die, my mind piped up. “What is it?” she asked, eyes holding a dangerous glint in them.

“I uh.” Come on, full sentences, my mind commanded. “I-Ivan told me to go with you instead. H-he said it would be wrong for you to watch if you’re alone.” Great, hope she buys into that.

She narrowed her eyes on me then her frown widened. “I have no time for this. I have to find my brother.”

Ivan told me that I shouldn’t let Natalya in the dorms, not even 10 meters close to the dorms. I acted fast yet again and tugged her to me, she bumped into my chest. “C-come on, I’ll even pay for our tickets. L-let’s go watch the movie.”

She pulled her arm free but surprisingly didn’t gracefully walk away like I expected her to do. “Fine then. If that is what you want.”

Our little drama seemed to have attracted a small audience, there were some people staring at us. We quickly got to the ticket booth and paid for our tickets.

The movie was a “chick flick” as Alfred had named them. “Did your girlfriend bring you here?” the cashier asked with an amused expression. I shot him a glare. “More like blackmailed,” I said.

He suppressed a laugh before he gave the tickets to me. “Good luck buddy, it’s two hours long.”

Natalya waited outside the booth, arms over her chest. When we both got in the movie theatre, we sat at the row of seats closest to the exit.

The movie was boring. Boring as hell. So boring, I kept gazing around my surroundings. I could see from my right that a few guys getting bored in the first 10 minutes of run time. I can tell that they were either forced by their girlfriends to come with them, or went with their girlfriends to keep them happy. Either way, I can relate.

The first quarter of the movie, Natalya was getting up, probably intended to get out of the movie. I needed to keep her distracted for a few more minutes before I’m officially clocked out. I pulled her back down. “Aren’t you going to stay and watch?”

Natalya glanced at the movie screen. “It’s predictable.”

“What is?” I have to keep her occupied. “The movie.”

“Yes, the girl will helplessly fall in love with the man.”

“How can you tell?” Great, keep her distracted.

“It always ends up like that. Always.”

“Not every love story ends like that.” Do they?

“They do,” she said coldly. “Prove to me that not all endings are the same. Name a romance movie.”

What to say, what to say, I thought and racked my brains on the stock knowledge of movie names. But to no luck did I find a romance movie with the ending she wanted. I let words slip. “What if I prove it to you? Why don’t I give you a love story you can enjoy?” What did I just say?

“What are you implying?”

Dude, go with it, my mind encouraged, the signal boosting up my body. “Yeah, if I woo you will you fall in love?”

“For how long?”

Did she actually agree? “Give or take a month, how about it?”

She rested her back on the seat and her expression is the same blank as I saw it. “Let’s see.”

I managed to keep her until the end of the movie and just like she predicted, the girl did end up with the guy. I wondered if I could pull it off. Making Natalya Arlovskaya, the Ice Queen, fall in love with me. I have to keep her outside the dorms as long as I could and the only way to do that is to act as her boyfriend. Dammit this is difficult. I shouldn’t have told Alfred my secret, my afternoon wouldn’t have been wasted and my secret wasn’t on the line and I shouldn’t have made that bet.

The last thing that I saw that night was Natalya’s signature stoic smirk with a bit of mischief on the mix. “Let’s see if you can make me fall in love. I look forward to see you try.”

Right there, I had no idea what I gotten myself into.

Look a male!reader insert. Gosh I love writing these things! It’s always fun to write stuff in a dude’s perspective, I feel more at home :P even though I’m not. I write what I want! :iconscaredplz: I seriously have no idea how this will turn out.

It’s not that Russia hates Belarus, he just wants her away while he works on his project. (Hey, guess what pairing I ship)

I hope my male watchers are reading this because I pretty much made this for them. Seriously guys, are you still reading what I write? Cause I would feel sad if you don’t. TwT

I could have made Belarus a guy and reader a girl buuuuut nope. Haha, nope, I love my Belarus as a kick ass girl.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
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