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May 13, 2013
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What’s worse than being lost in a forest?

Getting lost in a forest, in the middle of the night, alone, during the late autumn.

You sighed, and due to the cool temperature your breath can be visible. Rubbing your palms together to create friction that will hopefully give you some heat, you slapped your palms immediately to your face. The heat only lasted for only a minute before the biting cold returned.

Trudging through the rocky road now thick with snow, you tried to remember the path that you took to get back home but unfortunately for you snowfall have started and covered your tracks from before making back tracking impossible. The thick fog didn’t help either.

Groaning, you sat down on a wide flat rock big enough for your butt to be cozy. “C’mon God, give me a sign.” As if on cue, a low groaning noise broke the eerie silence of the forest. You couldn’t tell if it was sheer coincidence or you had to review your faith later on.

Another groan could be heard, this one was closer and louder. You trembled, recognizing what might have caused that sound. The bushes from your sides rustled, you were too afraid for your life to make any movement.

Suddenly a cute little cub popped up from the bushes. From what you have seen from animal channels, it was a polar bear. It had cute round ears, a white coat, and the most adorable pair of black eyes.

“Oh how cute,” you squealed.

The little cub limped to you, making what you assumed to be an animal equivalent of a groan as it took one step forward. You rushed up and knelt to his level. The poor thing was hurt, it had a gunshot wound on the side of his legs. Poachers were said to hunt in these parts.

“Don’t worry, little guy, I’ll help you.” You stroked it’s fur to soothe it.

Recalling your first aid training on how to heal wounds, you took out your bag to search for anything you could use. In all the times you needed a bandage, it wasn’t there. Great, you tapped a finger on your chin and looked up, what to do?

Looking down, you saw that your scarf could substitute for the bandage for now. You unwrapped the piece of article from your neck, the moment you took it off, the winds got cooler and your body started shaking.

You took a look at the wound, and let out a sigh of relief as you noticed that the bullet wasn’t lodged too deeply in it’s flesh. Very carefully, you pinched the bullet between your index finger and thumb and slowly and steadily pulled it out. The cub trashed around and whined, you soothed it again by stroking it’s fur. The cub was smart as it got your message and stayed still. After pulling out the bullet, you promptly wrapped the cloth around the wound, making sure it was tight enough that the cloth was secured and won’t fall off and let the blood flow freely in it’s body.

“Sorry, little guy this is the best thing I have right now.” It gave a shrill sound and nudged your hand, affectionately. You giggled and returned to stroking it’s soft fur.

“You must be hungry.” It nodded. “Okay, I’ll find you something to eat, then.”

You then made your way to the nearest creek, which were a good 50 paces away from where the cub is. The next problem was how to catch a fish. The second you dipped your hand on the ice cold river, you felt shivers all over your body. “Okay so no fish for him.”

You went for an alternative, berries. You don’t know if berries still grow during the late autumn, you could only hope that they do.

Spotting a bush beside you, you went to it to look for anything edible but no such luck. Suddenly, you could feel hot breath behind you along with low growling. Your heart stopped. Slowly, you turned your neck to look at who or what it was behind you.

There it was, a full sized polar bear right in front of you, looking grimly at you. It’s eyes had a murderous intent. Dontmovedontmovedontmove, you chanted mentally but your body didn’t seem to coordinate with your mind, you were shivering uncontrollably. Your heart was going a hundred miles an hour and your breathing became fast and shallow.

The bear loomed closer and closer. You gave out a small shriek. It was as if your body moved all on it’s own, because without even knowing it, your legs carried you far away from the bear. The bear gave chase and it was obviously the better runner between the two of you. Soon the gap between the two of you lessened in seconds. You tripped on a tree root and stumbled forward. The bear growled and raised it’s sharply clawed paws and stuck it down. You swiftly dodged and rolled back.

You were now between a rock and a hard place, to be more exact, a tree and a bear. Your back was pressed against the tree trunk, there was no escape. “Help! Anybody! I’m gonna die!” you called out in a vain attempt.

The angered animal barred it’s fangs and clamped down it’s jaws at your leg. Pain shot up throughout your whole body, it became unbearable and immobilizing. Your hands tried to pry off his jaws but it was useless as it was shut tightly around your limb. The more you jerked your body, the more it’s teeth sank deeper.

Adrenaline dulled the pain. The world was spinning around you, there was a ringing in your ears, your vision was slowly darkening. You couldn’t comprehend anything at that moment and the only thing on your mind was death. Words hitched at your throat.

Suddenly there was a flash of red. The bear’s jaws were ripped out off your leg. Blood flowed from the deep wound, the thick cloth of your pants were drenched with blood.

“Get the fuck out of here,” a husky voice instructed. You saw a man with his back facing you, fighting the bear. He had the bear in a bear hug, rendering it’s actions useless. How could someone be strong as the bear? The bear struggled for movement but the man held him still.

Not wasting anytime, you limped out of the scene, as much as you wanted to watch the spectacle of a man fighting a bear. You hoped he doesn’t get hurt.

With each step your leg gave in to your weight. You ended up dragging yourself out of the scene.

When you reached a good distance away from the bear, you noticed the familiar polar bear cub running towards you, also limping a bit. “Hey there, little guy.” The cub nudged his head to your leg. “Guess we’re the same huh?” you let out a chuckle despite your incredible nervousness.

You sat down on the ground, not even minding that it was ice cold and dirty. The cub rested his head on your lap. You noticed that the scarf you used as an improvised bandage had been replaced with gauze. Who could have done that?

Suddenly there was a tap on your shoulder, you shot up wincing as you placed weight on your bad leg. You saw a man, the man who helped you. He had strawberry blonde locks lazily tied into a ponytail.  He was a head taller than you making you feel shorter than you are. He scowled, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing here?” He straightened up his red shirt.

“Well excuse me for wanting to explore the woods, sir,” you sarcastically. Really, even when you were wounded, you still found your inner sarcasm. “Wait what happened to the bear?”

“Don’t worry I took care of it.”

He ‘took care of it’ just what does he mean by that? Did he kill the beast? But you didn’t delve too deep on that matter, he might have just done that.

His eyes went down and stared at your wounded leg. The cold stopped the bleeding or at the very least, slowed it down a bit and lessened the pain.

“Can you walk?”

You nodded. You took one step forward, only to fall back to the ground. If it wasn’t for the man who helped you earlier catching you, your face might have been on the dirt. His hands were hooked under your armpits. You blushed, your faces were so close together. You stared hard at the deep violet eyes of his.

“Ah thank you.” You looked away.

“Come on, I’ll carry you then.”

You shook your head, you didn’t want to be a burden to anybody. “I’ll j-just…”

He let out a sigh, “Put your arm around my neck,” you wanted to protest but her beat you to it, “Just do it.”

You sloppily and shyly done as you were told. “Oh wait.” You pulled away and scooped up the cute cub. It was small and lighter than you expected him to be. You wrapped one arm around it’s chest and the other around the man’s neck.

“Are you the one who owned that scarf?” The man asked.

“Yeah, it was the only thing I had close to a bandage.”

He chuckled, you raised a brow in confusion. “What?” you asked. The cub trashed slightly, obviously uncomfortable with the position.

“Why would you help a cub?”

“It was cute.”

“Cute? You would help anybody who is cute?”

“Shut it.”

You let out a short yelp as you felt yourself being lifted off the ground. He carried you in his arms. You blushed again.

“Hey, p-put me d-down.”

“We’ll get back faster if I carry you.” He was practically carrying both you and the cub’s weight, yet he didn’t look tired at all.

The cub snuggled into your jacket.

“H-hey who are you?” you asked, wrapping your arms on the now sleeping cub.

“It’s rude to ask someone’s if you never told yours, you know,” he retorted.

“Oh…my name is (Name) (Last Name).”

“I’m Mathew Williams.”

You giggled. “It’s nice to meet you Matthew.”


You rubbed Matthew’s head. His hair was surprisingly soft and silky. He shot you the ‘what do you think are you doing?’ look. “Your hair so soft,” you said. He looked away and shrugged. Were your eyes playing tricks on you? You could have sworn he blushed at your comment.

You continued to run your hand on his golden locks slowly, your fingers accidentally snagged the odd curl he had. He shivered and slapped your hand away from his head. The blush became more visible.

“Don’t touch that.”

“Can I hug you?”

“Why would I let you hug me?”

“’Cause you’re like a big teddy bear and I wanna hug big teddy bears,” you said, mimicking the tone of a child.

He groaned and rolled his eyes, “No, now go away.”

You gave him the puppy dog face complete with the huge pleading eyes and quivering lower lip.

He sighed and facepalmed “Fine.”

“Yey!” You threw yourself to him and wrapped your arms around his torso as tightly as you can.
I feel like this is pretty fast paced and too short.

Should I or should I not write a sequel for this.

I think I wrote this fic as an excuse for the extended ending. (I swear I wanna hug that guy so bad XP)

I own nothing but the plot.

Part 2:[link]

Part 3:[link]
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