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Part 3

A/N: (~~~~~ means a time skip and -----means it’s a POV change.)

“Why don’t you just tell him?”

You brought your head to your hands and sulked, “I can’t.”

Alfred grunted, rolled his eyes and leaned back on the chair. “For god’s sake, (Name), don’t make into one of those ‘one sided love’ shitty romance love story.”

“I know, I know…I just don’t know how to say it.” How do you say “I love you” to someone? Saying it to normal people was hard, saying it to someone you actually have feelings for is extremely difficult. “Al, you probably have a lot of experience with this thing, help me.”

He took the straw and sipped from his fruit smoothie. “Why are you even asking me all of these?”

“Well, he is your brother, so I was expecting you to know more about him.”

“Ugh, look. I don’t know much about my brother, I don’t even know if he got laid or not. So don’t go thinking I’m gonna be your matchmaker.”

“Wait did he say something about me, you know, like his…feelings?”

“I’m not his damn keeper. Look, just say it to him, set the mood, say nice words, sweeten him up. I’m sure he’ll say something sappy or whatever.”

You looked down at your plate of apple pie, suddenly you lost your appetite, thoughts flowed through your mind that you couldn’t bring yourself to take another bite.

The next two days you’ll be leaving. You’ve made your decision but to do that, you’ll have to go back and leave Canada, that meant leaving Kuma, Alfred and Matthew. The previous month was a blur but it was the best that you’ve had. The thought of leaving wasn’t the one that bothered you the most, it was the fact that you haven’t have the chance to tell Matthew what you felt.

Over the month, you found yourself developing feelings for the Canadian, to the point where you can no longer hide those feelings. But the problem was, whenever you think about confessing to him, you mentally break down. Worst case scenarios replayed in your mind, the worse was him not returning those feelings.

That’s why you asked the younger brother on his opinion but sadly, Alfred wasn’t helping much. He kept pestering you to just say the words and not beat around the bush all the time. Yeah right. Easier said than done.

You slammed your head on the table making the other customers’ eyes shift to you.

“Come on Al, help me just this once.”

“Jeez, (Name), you sound desperate there. The way I see it, maybe Matt really does like you.”

You raised your head at those words. “H-he likes me? Like, Like-like me?”


“Are you sure?”

“I see the way he looks at you, I’m sure. ‘Sides, if he hated you then we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.”

You could feel your face burning up and your heart race. He liked you. “Are you really sure?”

“Just ask him.”


Even with Alfred’s words of encouragement, you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Your legs freeze up and it wasn’t from the cold temperature. Maybe a little walk would do it, you thought.

The woods seemed like a good place to think things through.

You walked the familiar path to the woods, after ten minutes of walking around, it still wasn’t helping. Then you had a pretty dumb idea, dumb ideas do tend to be successful. Seeing a good view was told to clear the mind, so you tried it.

Finding a good tree, you scaled up the trunk. You dug your fingers on the tree to secure yourself and tried not to fall down. It was a lot of fun to do. Once off the ground by a good distance, you sat ypurself on one of the thick branches.

The view was pretty good, though most of the things you saw were the crowns of the trees and mountains. You sighed, it was better to get back on the ground.

You weren’t thinking ahead as always and ended up slipping on the slippery branches. Reflexes kicked in and your hand caught another branch before you plummeted to the ground. You looked down and found that you were dangling high above the ground the fall probably break something. You tried to hoist yourself but the ice on the branch proved to stop you there. You shut your eyes tightly, hoping that you’ll be fine when you reach the ground.

The sound of cracking was heard, the next thing you knew you were falling. You braced for the impact, the sharp pain in any part of the body, but there was nothing there. Instead you were engulfed with a slight warmth. Could it be heaven.

You cracked open one eye to check your surroundings. Piercing violet eyes and a familiar face with a scowl was the things you first things you saw. You were in Matthew’s arms (again). “What are you doing, climbing up the tree?”

You gave him a nervous grin, the sound of your thumping heart dominated your hearing. “I…uh…Just wanted to see the…the…view.”

“Do I have to safe you every time you get in trouble?” He set you down on your feet. Your legs felt like jelly, it was a bit surprising you could still hold yourself up. You thought of a hundred words to tell him, a witty comment, a joke, those words, but all that came out was: “Sorry.”

He raised an eyebrow in question. “For what?”

You looked down, not having the strength to look at him. “I…I always get in trouble a-and you always help me. I feel like a burden.” Tears found themselves in the corners of your eyes, threatening to fall down. You feel weak.

“You aren’t…” You let out a silent gasp as he said those words. Still, your body was stiff. “And if you are…”

He placed his hand on the back of your head and pulled you closer, your forehead hitting his (well-sculpted) chest. You blushed at the actions, your mind in processing mode, your hands played with the hems of your shirt.

“…Then you’re worth the trouble.”


You checked your watch for the time. So far, your dad has been an hour late. The guy offers a ride then he comes late and makes you wait. You sat uncomfortably on the wooden bench, your belongings beside you.

“Don’t worry, (Nickname), your dad should be here any minute,” your aunt said. She sat down beside you and nudged your shoulder. “So…where’s that cute guy you kept telling me.”

“I guess he isn’t coming. It’s okay though, we said our goodbyes last night.”

“Aww and I was so looking forward to seeing him, he sounds like a nice guy.” You giggled, “Yeah he is.”

There was a knock on the door and your aunt offered to open it. You stayed down and twiddle a bit with your clothes, it was a nervous habit of yours. You wondered if Matthew will really come before you leave.

A shrill scream made you shoot up from your seat. You immediate reaction was to run up to her and check the cause of the scream. You let out your own gasp when you seen who it was.

“Sorry, we’re late. Matt here slept in,” a certain brunette pointed at his brother with a slight smirk on his face. “He kept on crying about how he’ll never see—“ Matthew hit Alfred with his elbow. “What, I’m just saying the truth.

“Mattie, Al, I’m so glad you came.” From between the two brother’s legs, Kuma nudged you. Your aunt had a shocked expression in her face when you had ruffled his head. “And Kuma too. You guys are the best.”

“Um…(Name).” You turned to Matthew as soon as you heard him call your name. “Good luck…”

You grinned, “Yeah, I will Mattie.”

Suddenly a loud long honk made all of you turn your heads. There in the pavement was the familiar picture of your dad in his car. Looks like the little reunion needs to be cut short.

Your father got out from his car, it’s been a full month and a half since you had really seen him. You couldn’t help but give him a tight hug. He gave you a kiss on the cheek. “How’ve you been?”

“I’m fine, really.”

Your father’s eyes caught sight of Alfred, Matthew and Kuma. “Care to tell me who these boys are,” he said in a scary stern voice. Knowing your father, he probably sees the two guys as troublemakers.

“Oh, this is Alfred,” you motioned to Alfred, who gave a sly smile at your father. “And this is Al’s brother, Matthew,” you waved your hand to Matthew, who your dad scowled at. Matthew just scowled back. “And the cute little bear is Kuma.”

“Interesting,” your father raised at the word ‘brother’, “Are you sure these two are brothers. I don’t see it.”

Alfred looked like he was going to hit your dad or something, which he would most probably do. You got between the brothers and your dad. “They are, dad, you just don’t see it. Can you carry my things to the trunk?”

“Magic words, (Nickname), magic words.”

You huffed, “Please, daddy dearest.”

Alfred and Matthew were the ones to bring all your luggage to the car. Alfred whined about that, Matthew probably did that to receive brownie points from your dad.

“I’ll miss you Kuma,” you knelt down and hugged the young bear’s neck. It replied with a whining sound and nudging your neck. You were sure you’re going to miss the guy, he’s been the closest thing to a pet. It’s going to be hard to forget about him.

“You too, Al. I don’t know another person who can bash a skull better than you,” you giggled and playfully punched his arm. You could feel your dad worry about him. Alfred flashed a half smile at you.

“I miss you the most, Mattie.” You couldn’t help but feel shy when saying that. You looked up to him with sad eyes. “I wish I had more time to spend with you.”

“Will you come visit me some time?”

You smiled, “Yeah, I’ll definitely come back. I promise.” Your heart was beating out of your chest again. Damn hormones. You shut your eyes, pursed your lips and craned your neck in an attempt to kiss him, but due to the large height difference you only came up to his chin.

He smirked. A sharp yelp left your throat as an arm scooped you off the ground and lifted you up, much like the first time you met him. He wrapped an arm around your thighs and the other at your waist. The new position brought you higher, your chin touching his nose. Bringing your lips down, you kissed him. Your lips melded together in a smooth way, like you were made for each other. You placed your hand to both sides of his face, lessening the distance between the two of you…


Oh dad.

You pulled, away the color of tomatoes seizing your cheeks. “Yeah, I should go. Dad owns a shot gun. A licensed one too.”

Matthew set you down.

“Hey, what about me?” Alfred butted in. “What do I get?” You laughed and pinched his cheek, “Nice try lover boy, go find your own girl.”


“Coming dad,” you shouted. “Geez, so impatient.”

You sat on the passenger’s seat. Popping your head out of the window, you waved them goodbye.

The last thing you saw were the retreating figures of your loved ones.

You were going to come back as soon as you can. It was a good thing it’s not going to be a really long wait.


It’s amazing how one person can change one’s life. Matthew felt that. He had counted how many days (Name) wasn’t where with her bubbly smile and goofy actions. A total of twelve days since she left.

He missed the way she would yell out, “Kuma” or “Mattie.” Surprisingly, he had grown accustomed to the stupid nickname, even as far as responding to it and actually liking it. Alfred had teased him about it.

There was the absence of happiness in his life. The only thing that reminded him of (Name) was the cub that have grown to a young bear. He proved his point wherein naming things would give you a sort of attachment to it. In the end, he couldn’t let go of the bear. He would let Kuma go to the forest but Kuma would just come back. The cabin was his home.

He groaned as he pressed his head on the pillow. It was a good time for a day off. Snow was falling, bringing in more silence.

She was the only one who made the effort, the only person who stayed with him even when he had known about him. She never judged anybody by what they look like or what people say. She was different, unique, one of a kind. If it was up to him, he would have convinced her more to stay. But he didn’t want that, (Name) had great potential to go places but if she stayed with him, those dreams wouldn’t come true.

He missed her.

Impatient knocks rasped through the doors, Matthew groaned again and hesitantly got up from his pillow. Who could it be?

“Mattie!” a slightly muffled voice said from the other side.

He must have been hearing it, but was that (Name)? No, must be Alfred teasing him again. If it was Alfred, Matthew would not hesitate to punch him silly.

Matthew reached for the handle and twisted it.

“Mattie!” the visitor jumped on him, wrapping her arms around his chest. Then familiar warmth crept up to him. Looking down it was her, it was (Name.)

“How have you been, did ya miss me.” (Name) flashed a smile.

“What are you doing here?  I thought that you went home.”

“I did, and came back here for college.”


She nodded, “Yeah, didn’t I tell you. I’ll be studying veterinary here in Canada. I’ll be staying at my aunt so I can visit you anytime.”


You watched as Matthew put on a confused face.

“You mean to say. You said goodbye for nothing. All that stupid drama for nothing.”

You nodded and placed your hands behind your back. “Yup, I wanted to surprise you and Al.”

He smirked, “I bet Al rubbed off his stupid in you.”

You stuck out your tongue. “Well, if I didn’t trick you, then you probably won’t say anything.”

“Pretty clever, (Name). Pretty clever.”

Now Matthew was the one hugging you. “Let’s say we continue where we left off.”


You were just happy to be back. Now you definitely have time to spend with him.

Much, much, more time with him.

-----Extended Ending-----

Your vision was blocked off with the thick cloth of the blindfold. You wondered what Matthew will pull out for your 3rd year anniversary. In the first year of the anniversary, he had taken you to a romantic yacht ride with the help of Alfred of course, the second year he had the most adventurous time while climbing one of the mountains, you saw the most amazing ice caps you have seen.

Now you wonder what he’ll do this year, you hoped it was something safe and something that won’t be the cause of your mother’s heart attack.

His hands were firmly pressed on your shoulders, you trusted him enough with your life.

You kept on walking the way Matthew guided you through. You could guess it was the forest seeing that your feet bumped into almost everything.

“Where are we going?”

“Just keep walking.”

After a few more paces, Matthew finally stopped you.

The blindfold was taken off. Your eyes adjust with the sudden brightness before you could see anything recognizable.

It was the woods, the place where you had met him.

“Mattie, what are we doing here?”

But instead of answering your question in a simple manner, he wrapped his arms around your waist and propped you on his shoulders. He shifted his arm and wrapped them around your thighs to secure your position.

Did he want you to climb the tree or something? “Look for a small pouch, I tied it in one of the branches.”

After searching through the tree, you found what he was talking about. There hanging on one of the branches was a small pink pouch tied with a thin string. “I got it.”

He placed you on the ground, boots crunching the snow underneath. Matthew said nothing and turned away, a pink tint on his face maybe it was the cold. Curiously, you opened the pouch and found a ball of fluffy cotton, the color reminded you of Kuma. Kuma, the bear finally got the courage to move away and start his own family, he comes to visit so often these days.

The ball of cotton felt weird to the touch, as if there was something inside. You dug your thumb on the ball and proceeded to separate the fibers. A glint within the ball made your heart skip, uncontrollably. There was a ring inside, a silver ring with an amethyst stone attached.

“I don’t know how to say this…but,” Matthew took in air, audibly. “(Name) after 3 years in this relationship, do you like to take it to another level.”

You were at a loss for words, your mind couldn’t believe it all. Is he…is he…

“(Name) will you marry me?” he said shyly.

You squealed, trashing your feet on the ground, “Heck yes! I will, I definitely will.”

“Great,” he smiled. It wasn’t a smirk or a half smile or a crooked grin. It was a genuine smile.

You threw yourself at him and kissed him repeatedly.

Best anniversary gift ever.

Phew, Finally done. I really wanted it to be short with like 2 or 3 chapters in total. I hoped you guys liked it as much as I do.

As you can see, I didn't use the words "I love you" 'cause I want to be different with this one. Also with the proposal, kneeling on one knee and opening a small box is really sweet but it's a bit cliche/
Part 1- [link]

Part 2- [link]

Feedbacks are greatly apprieciated.

I own nothing but the plot.
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