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Part 2

It’s been a full week since that incident, the last time you saw him. Upon knowing about the whole story, your parents got mad. Your father nearly had a panic attack, your mother actually had one. But you assured them that you were okay. Of course they heard nothing of it and told you to come back home.

You said no. You had so much more to learn about Canada, which you had enjoyed so far excluding the bears. Speaking of bears, the little cub you found in the woods was staying with Matthew until his leg fully recovers. You loved the little guy, he was the main reason why you wanted to stay, you felt like you needed to watch over him.

Then there was a certain forest ranger. Said ranger named Matthew. You were drawn to him like a moth to a flame, a dangerous kind of attraction. Your aunt had informed you what he was, he was an outcast among the rangers due to his bad temper and inhumane strength. You begged to differ, he was nothing but nice.

He had took you to the hospital after dropping off the cub in a cabin on the way back. He waited until you were taken care of and until your aunt came to pick you up. He even offered to pay the bills, a kind offer though your aunt declined the offer.

That full week, you’ve been wondering on how you’ll meet him again. The damsel and distress act wasn’t going to cut it. Then you thought, If he doesn’t come to me, I’ll come to him. Besides, you get to visit the cub at the same time. It’s like killing two bird with one stone.

You asked your aunt about the ranger but all she gave was his address and directions on how to get there. Fortunately, he lived at the dingy cabin where you had left cubby and you remember the path to get there.


“Mattie!” you called out. You took one step forward then placed your walking stick forward. Your leg still hadn’t recovered and you needed the assistance of a walking stick to move around. It was awkward at first, it was as if you were walking with one leg. After a while you mastered how to maneuver without any trouble.

The cabin was in sight, and your pace hastened, nearly tripping. “Hey, Mattie! Are ya there?”

Then he came out, cradling the little cub in his arms. You didn’t say it (mostly because your mind was squealing at how cute he was when holding a cute cub like a teddy bear) but he was damn adorable. When he had seen you running to him, he scowled and placed the cub gingerly on the snowy ground.

The cub ran towards you. You dropped your stick and knelt to scoop him up. He gained weight since the last time you saw him. “Wow, you’ve grown huh? What did Mattie fill you up with?”

“Why are you here?” Matthew walked towards you. It was a real shame he had his violet eyes hide behind those black glasses.

“I came for this guy right here.” You held out the cub in front of you. “I thought I should give him a name. What do you think?”


“Why not? I mean the author is so tired of writing ‘cub’ all the time, it’s getting pretty redundant and annoying.”


“Nothing, come on. Think of a good name.” You mentally flipped through a book of names for the cub. Pet names that ends with –y or –ie is a big no no.

“Look, If you name things, I’ll get harder to let them go. That guy needs to go back to it’s natural habitat someday and—“

“Oh I know, Kuma!”

“—are you even listening to me.”

Kuma smiled at his name and gave out a cute sound as a sign of agreement. “Say hello to Kuma, Mattie.”

Matthew’s scowl got wider. “Fine, name him. But you still don’t get to keep him.”

“I’m sure premature bears aren’t allowed back at home.”

After that little skit, Matthew invited you inside for some tea.

His home is a lot bigger than it looks but it was full of clutter and mess. Being a neat freak, you couldn’t handle messy homes.

You set yourself near the heater because of your leg. Due to the bandages, you couldn’t wear pants or anything constricting so you were forced to wear a thick skirt courtesy of your grandma wardrobe. You lifted your foot off the ground and set it above the coffee table to straighten it out.

Matthew came back to the living room with two mugs. One was filled with coffee and the other was tea.

“Thanks Mattie,” you happily said and took the cup of tea. You couldn’t point out what flavor it was but you guessed that it was Maple flavored.

“Stop calling me Mattie will you.”

“But it’s cute and it suits you.”

He shrugged and took a sip from his cup. “Why are you here in Canada, I’ve never seen your face around these parts.”

You took a sip from your cup as well, quenching your thirst and heating you from the inside. “Well, I didn’t really plan on being here. You see my parents wanted me to get a college degree but I wanted to join the work force after graduating high school.”

“How did that bring you here?”

“I ended up agree to the whole degree thing but I have to decide which profession to take. My parents gave me one and a half months to make a decision, the problem is I have no idea what I want.” The cub climbed up on your lap and you ruffled it’s soft fur. “My aunt is letting me stay here until I reach a decision.”

Matthew kept silent until the end of your explanation, he kept staring down at you.

“How about you? I still don’t know what you do?” You asked, though you have a clear grasp of what he really does, you wanted to know directly from the horse’s mouth.

He scratched his head to look for the right words, “It’s my job to take care of things in the forest, you know…those things.”

“You mean with the poachers and wild animals and things.”

He nodded. “Most hunting is done illegal, like that little guy right here.” His eyes were trained at Kuma. “I found him surrounded by poachers and hunters, I fended them off but when I turned around the little guy was gone. I found him with that scarf wrapped around it’s leg.”

You have been reminded of that scarf that you never got back. “Oh yeah, do you still have that scarf. It’s borrowed.”

“Look, I have to get back to work. You can stay if you want.” Matthew got up from his seat, leaving the cup of coffee ignored. He walked over to the coat rack and pulled off your scarf that was hanging from one of it’s branches. He gave it to you without another word and left.

You were surprised to know that it was already washed, not only that but it smelled amazing.


You spent the next days visiting him and Kuma, those days you have been acquainted with his brother Alfred. Alfred was the complete opposite of his brother. You couldn’t believe that the two were brothers seeing as Al was tan and a brunette while Mattie was blonde. The only thing that the two shared was temper and strength. Alfred only visits Matthew from time to time and you only saw him once or twice.

Alfred also noticed your little crush on his brother. You threatened him to send him to hell and back if he says anything about your feelings, he merely chuckled and assured you that he would keep it safe.

Two weeks passed and your leg finally healed and you no longer needed the walking stick. You thought of cleaning up after the ranger, since you were able bodied and stronger. You wanted to thank him for saving you that time.

You flung the door open, “Helloooooo?” there was no response. Kuma, who has grown quite big, rushed up to you in the same manner in your visits. You bent one knee and tickled him under his chin. “Hey, boy, Do you know where daddy is?” It shook it’s head and tilted it to the side. “No? Where could he be?”

You looked around the house but there was no sign of the tall Canadian anywhere. You began to panic, even though you had known that he can fully handle himself in any kind of situation, there was still that feeling that something bad will happen.

“Calm down, (Name). This is Mattie we’re talking about he’ll be fi—“

A gunshot cut you off midsentence. Your heart began to pound. The sound was pretty soft, so the gunner must be pretty far away. No need to worry right?

“He’ll be fine…” As much as you wanted to believe that, you just couldn’t.


“Oh, who am I kidding!”

You took your boots, coat and cap and rushed out of the house.


You gasped as you saw a fully grown moose lying on the cold snow stained with red. Not only that but two men was laughing and sniggering. You hid behind one of the thick trees as you observed the two of them.

“Heh, stupid moose. How much do you think these costs?” Based on those words alone, you immediately thought of poachers. Filthy people, even worse than beasts. You wanted to scream and shout at them but once a shot gun held by one of the men came into view, your bravery disappeared.

“Hey, what the fuck are you doing?” Someone from the side said. The voice was too familiar to ignore. Your suspicions as to who it was were confirmed as the person stepped out from the woods. It was Matthew, with a hockey stick coiled on the end. “Poaching is illegal on this parts.”

“Ohhh, pretty boy here thinks he’s so tough.” One of the poachers cocked his gun right at him, you let out a yelp. You clamped your mouth with your hand to prevent any more noise that might blow your cover.

Matthew smirked, “Big man has a big gun. Think you got enough to pay for this moose’s life.”

“What do ya mean, pay! Shits like that deserve to die. Now get your ass back home before I shoot it off you,” the man spat out.

There was one thing that Matthew hated and those are people who hate on animals, those were the people that annoys him to no end. Matthew lifted his weapon up to the air and swung it at the man. The gun was sent to the ground, rendering the men useless.

You mentally whooped and cheered for your friend. The men had terrified look on their faces as Matthew scowled at them. The feeling of triumph left as you saw another man with a gun aiming right at Matthew.

“Behind you!” You screamed out of pure reflex. Matthew turned to you and dodged the incoming bullet with ease. The bullet ricocheted off the trees and hit the ground.

“(Name) what are you doing here? Go back.”

The battle wasn’t over, it seems that the two poachers had reinforcements. Due to the distraction the men began to retaliate against Matthew, but all they got was a good beating. The man with the shotgun, cocked his gun again. Your body froze and your eyes widened in horror. Matthew was still caught up with the other two and unable to concentrate on all his enemies.

Your body found mobility. You rushed up the man and tackled him. He was damn strong and sturdy, it was like pushing down a tall pine tree from the roots. At the very least, you distracted him from pushing the trigger. The man grunted and pushed you away with no trouble at all. You stumbled on the ground.


Out of nowhere, a growl emerged, followed by the poachers crying in fear. They ran in the opposite direction, shaking and whimpering. You struggled to get up, the strained your leg again. Matthew was okay, and unharmed, thank god.

Matthew’s eyes widened, his gaze stayed on you. “(Name), don’t you dare move.”

Curiously, you twisted your neck to the side slowly. Your eyes meeting black. It was a bear, if you remember correctly, it was the bear, the one that attacked you. Your heart jumped out of your chest at that moment. Matthew stepped closer, mindful of the sounds he make.

“Help,” you squeaked. You felt something cold and wet hit your back.

That was weird, the bear was barely making a move. You turned around. “Hey boy, what’s wrong?” you dumbly said. It shrugged and nuzzled your stomach which tickled you a bit. “Hey, Mattie, I don’t think it’s hostile or anything. It’s cute.” You wrapped your arms around it’s neck and rubbed your cheeks on it’s head.

“Cute? That thing nearly bit your leg off.”

“Hehe, nearly, Mattie, nearly. Besides I think it likes you too.”

Matthew sighed and rubbed the bear’s head along with yours. “Come on, let’s go back.”

“Wait up okay, I have to take care of something.” The death of the moose completely slipped off your mind. Poor guy.


You walked beside Matthew while on the walking back to his home. He gave you a good scolding on running off on your own while on the woods but like the many times you’ve been scolded, you ignored it. “I was worried about you okay.”

“Why should you worry?” Matthew asked, resting his hockey stick over his shoulder.

“Well…” you couldn’t find the right things to say again.

“Do you know how dangerous that place is? There are people like those out there. I don’t want you getting into trouble got it.”

You blushed, that was probably the nicest thing he had said so far. Does he care about you that much then? “I just—I just want to help you. I want to thank you for saving me that time, I feel like I didn’t repay you yet.”

For the first time since you met him…he smiled. He looked 10x as handsome when he does. “That’s okay.”

“Okay…”A red blush crept to your face for the hundredth time around him.
Gah! My brain cells are fried. The whole chapter didn't come out as I planned it. This is just a complete fail :icondepressedplz:

The next one is probably the last and hopefully I can write it better than this.

I own nothing but the plot.

Part 1:[link]

Part 3:[link]
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Wait a minute.

Blonde hair? Bad temper? Inhuman a strength?

2p!Canada is Shizuo Heiwajima.
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